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House of Franchise is an emerging player in Franchise industry that is providing a platform not only to Franchisors, but also to different types of businesses, who are seeking to expand their businesses by showcasing their offering over this portal. House of Franchise is run by the professionals under the leadership of Tushar Agarwal.

Apart from Franchisors we specialize in:

  1. Buy/Sell Running Business

  2. Startup Funding

  3. Pre-lease Property

  4. Property Available for Lease.

House of Franchise offers the options which suit all of your franchising needs and our professional team can help you to find out the right lead generation package.

We provide reliable and authoritative platform where the entrepreneurs can connect with the franchisors who seek investors. In support of this objective, we are emerging as a new player that has franchise and business opportunities for anyone who is seeking information on the franchise industry. Any brand can add the business models within its profile and this will help you to list all types of models which you can operate. The subscription for the brands are monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually. All these subscribed brands end up engaging with the most promising entrepreneurs first