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Business is also one kind of occupation which can make you earn unlimited benefit and revenue in a very short period of time. You can see often most of the people are likely to begin some home-based business after having a touch and look at its monetary benefits. If you are the job gofer, then you might often find some complexities to manage your financial expenses because the salary is very limited to the time frame.

Similarly, if you are doing some sort of business, then you can earn as much as you work in the day. Most of the people who like to start a business on their own due to which they do not even like to work for someone, commanding by someone and exploitation as well. It is the kind of inner quality which you want inside from your heart which makes you being a perfect businessman or an entrepreneur.

We have crafted the list of top 8 most profitable franchise businesses in India that will help people earn more revenue and benefit for themselves as:

  • Amul Scoop

To begin with, the Amul ice-cream franchise business is another one of the best profitable ideas and also it is one of the best brands growing rapidly in the market. Beginning with the franchise of Amul scoop actually needs at least 300 sqft spaces at the premium location with the air-conditioned room, and good interior design is also important to manage the product. There is the minimum capital investment of Rs 2 to 5 lakh which is required to apply for starting with this business in your area.

  • KidZee School Franchise

The most successful and astonishing preschool franchise business in the educational sector was opening a small Kidzee school in your area. This is one of the largest preschool chains in Asia with all over 900 centers that are running successfully across the 330 cities worldwide. All you need to have an investment of Rs 5-10 lakh with a minimum area of 2500 sqft. with all basic necessities available in it.

  • LensKart is one of the most popular and biggest online optical stores in India with the business in more than 1000 cities. They usually sell out the eyeglasses, contact lens, sunglasses which is suitable for all the ages of a group of people with thousands of choices and different variants. To get the franchise business of lenskart, a minimum of Rs 20 lakh is required while establishing this retail store. They offer you a 30% pure profit on every sale that you will make in your store.

  • Domino’s Pizza

This is one of the biggest even largest chains of pizzas in the countries with more than 500 shops almost in every state of India. This was started in the year 1960 which has grown into the largest well-known brand for pizza delivery services with more than 1 million customers. To begin with this franchise business, all you need to invest is Rs 30 lakh with a minimum of 500 sq ft of the area for the business operations.

  • Lakme Business

Lakme is one of the most renowned and trustable brands of beauty products and cosmetics all over the world with almost 50 years of business operations. They have very loyal customers who buy their products just for their brand name that simply implies that the quality of their online store is amazing. To start with the franchise salon for selling beauty products is the good franchise business opportunity in India.

  • DTDC Courier

The DTDC was started in the year 2009 in Bangalore which has now established all over the world with more than 5800 successful channel partners. This is one of the most prominent and the fastest growing distribution and logistics industries in India with an expected growth of 3 new franchises each and every single day. It is a very famous brand and to take the franchise of this brand in your area all you need a small investment of just Rs 1.5lakh. This application is very quick and easy to use for users. A small room with at least 10*10 is also enough, to begin with this courier business. Manpower is also one of the most crucial factors that deliver couriers to the customer's doorstep.

  • KFC Chicken

KFC chicken has also covered up the users within a small amount of time with the entity over 20000 branches all over the world. They have started their business in 1939 in the USA who prepare and sell the chicken, snackables and other eatables prepared with the chicken. If you want to buy this franchise then you have to invest at least 30 lakhs and own premised in a good location. A minimum floor area of 500 sq ft is required to commence this business operation.

  • Dr. Batra’s Clinic

This is one of the well known medical brands, famous for their homeopathic treatment for the various diseases like acne, asthma, allergic symptoms and many more such kind of diseases. They are one of the most profitable and notable for fast-growing entities in the healthcare industry with more than 106 clinics across the 47cities in India, UK, and Dubai. It is one of the major leading platforms in the health industry that brings business opportunities to qualified individuals and professionals in the same sector. To buy this franchise, all you need to invest is Rs 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs.


Hope all these above-listed franchise businesses will help you to get the best among them for your future security and will surely profit you and your business as well. To know more solutions & options related to Franchising business, feel free to contact our team of House of Franchise.

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